The wing-tips of the plane, 10 feet away, suddenly caught my eye, and for a second, the amazing adventures of flight overwhelmed me. Nothing between me and oblivion but a pair of light linen-covered wings and the roar of a 200 hp engine!

Cecil Lewis

Hello and welcome to my website.

I’m Mark C. Wilkins, the author of Aero-Neurosis and the WWI Aircraft Design, Construction and Innovation Series (Casemate Illustrated Special) and its companion series, Legends of Warfare. I’ve spent the pandemic working on my latest book British Fighter Aircraft in WWI, which has just been released!

Many people have expressed interest in a French aircraft book, so I am pleased to announce that Casemate has commissioned me to write the third book in the series on just that! The book will take Melody and I to France to do primary research on French aircraft, as this type of information is not available anywhere else! The book is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022. I appreciate the overwhelming support I’ve received for these books and relish the friends I’ve made with vintage aircraft builders and pilots.

Mark C. Wilkins