Cape Cod’s Oldest Shipwreck: The Desperate Crossing of the Sparrow-Hawk

Cape Cod’s Oldest Shipwreck: The Desperate Crossing of the Sparrow-Hawk

In 1626-27, the Sparrow-Hawk began her final journey across the brutal winter waves of the Atlantic Ocean, departing from the southern coast of England with America as her goal. As cases of scurvy and whispers of mutiny rose, the hopes of those aboard the small vessel began to fade. The ever-changing coastline of Cape Cod caused the Sparrow-Hawk to run aground. Desperate to repair their ship and attain their goal of becoming wealthy Virginia tobacco planters, the passengers wrecked her again, forcing them to abandon their beloved ship and take up residence in Plymouth Colony. Revealed by the tides over two hundred years later, the wreckage was pillaged by local scavengers and put on display in Boston. Join Mark Wilkins as he delves into the secrets of the Sparrow-Hawk. Publisher : History Press Library Editions (June 1, 2011) Language : English / Hardcover : 130 pages ISBN-10 : 1540234819 / ISBN-13 : 978-1540234810 Dimensions : 6 x 0.38 x 9 inches The price includes A SIGNED COPY BY THE AUTHOR and domestic shipping.


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This is a worthy story to read, but like the skeletal timbers remaining of the ship it needed more flesh. I would like to read more about it. Why was the crew considered “unruly”. What happened to Sibsey and the rest in Virginia. More illustrated context about the ship itself. Quotes are great, but not always illuminating. Good book on general.7 people found this helpful